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Cast Bronze Tee Signs

In the golf industry, something as simple as a tee sign can impact the appearance and ambiance of a golf course. The elegance and quality of cast bronze tee signs are vital in enhancing a golfer's experience. Equip your course with our cast bronze tee signs, the perfect blend of durability, craftsmanship, beauty, and functionality.


All our bronze tee signs are personalized for your course. Whether you're looking for side-mounted bronze tee signsdirect post bronze tee signs, or yardarm post bronze tee signs, Our custom-made tee signs will impress any golfer on your course.






Colonial Golf & Tennis Club

Crestmont CC



Why Choose Our Elegant Cast Bronze Tee Signs

When it comes to enhancing the sophistication of your golf course, nothing speaks elegance quite like our cast bronze tee signs. Crafted from the finest materials, these signs are not just markers but a statement of prestige and quality. Every golf course has its unique charm, and our tee signs are designed to amplify that uniqueness, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of your tee area.


Quality materials with exquisite designs set our cast bronze tee signs apart. Our dedication to durability ensures that our handcrafted tee signs withstand various weather conditions, preserving their elegance through years of sun, wind, and rain.

Quality Materials With Exquisite Designs

The bronze undergoes a meticulous casting process that captures every intricate detail of the design, from elegant lettering to the custom logo of your golf course.

Personalization for Your Course

Personalization is at the heart of our design process, allowing your course to showcase its unique identity through custom logo tee markers, dedication plaques, and more. 


This material doesn't corrode easily, ensuring that your tee signs remain as stunning as the day they were installed with minimal refurbishing.

Easy Ordering and Installation Process

At From Tee To Green, we have a streamlined process that makes ordering and installing your custom-cast bronze tee signs as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Add Quality Cast Bronze Tee Signs to Your Course

Since 1986, we've been able to serve over 1600 customers around the country. Our bronze golf tee signs are a great way to elevate your golf course. From Tee To Green will custom-make your tee signs so they are perfect for your course.


In addition to our cast bronze tee signs, we offer other tee accessories like tee box markers. If you're ready to add cast bronze tee signs to your golf course, contact us today.


What are tee signs for golf courses?

Tee signs for golf courses serve as critical informational and navigational aids, providing golfers with essential details about each hole they are about to play.

What are tee signs typically made with?

Tee signs are typically made from durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions. These materials include metal, like aluminum, bronze, high-density plastic, or even weather-resistant wood.

How big should tee signs be?

A common size for tee signs in golf courses and disc golf parks ranges from 12x18 inches to 24x36 inches.

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