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7 Ways to Boost Your Golf Business

Is your golf course marketing strategy getting stale? With a little bit of creativity and out of the box thinking, you can generate more interest and rounds at your golf course.

Here are some ideas:

1. Optimize your website: Ideally, you want visitors to book a round of golf or inquire about a new membership. Be equipped with appealing images, well-written copy, and a striking design that makes scheduling a round of golf easy and hassle free.

2. Run a social media contest: Social media contests are an excellent strategy for generating interest in your golf course. They invite participant interaction and involvement.

3. Host a charity event: Charity events offer a significant opportunity to promote your operation and get the word about playing golf at your course. Raise money for a local charity this year and increase the value of your brand.

4. Use smart promotions: Modern technology offers the opportunity to understand exactly how well promotions are working. Know whether you’ve got a good ROI and which customers and player types used each promotion.

5. Host family-friendly specials and events: Golf is a game that bonds those who play it together, and family bonds are the strongest. You may want to offer family discounts to encourage participation in the game by providing group lessons.

6. Pick a signature hole: An important branding strategy for your course is to develop at least one hole that is memorable and special — then put some extra marketing emphasis behind it.

7. Make sure your course is the best it can be: That’s where we come in! From Tee to Green, our philosophy is simple. We provide the best products possible to enhance and improve your course and its patron's experience. All of our bronze products are individually custom designed and hand crafted using a sand casting process to ensure a long lasting, and low maintenance, product that you will be proud to put on your course. For more information, give us a call today!

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