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Putting Green Flags

Putting green flags are an essential feature of any golf course. They serve as the ultimate target for golfers, indicating where the hole is located and giving direction to their putts. Apart from their functional purpose, golf flags can also be a symbol of prestige and excellence among golf courses. Their quality and appearance can demonstrate the care and effort you put into your course.


Golf flags come in different colors and sizes, but they all share the same purpose of guiding golfers to the hole. Therefore, having the proper flags on the putting green is crucial in delivering an enjoyable and challenging golfing experience.


When your golf course needs new putting green flags, you can find them at From Tee to Green. We offer embroidered, checkered, screen printed, custom sewn, and semaphore flags. We also supply flag poles, flag pole ends, and laser receivers. Get your products customized with your logo to showcase your brand.


All of our products are high-quality and made to last. Take a look at our golf flag offerings below.


Dataw Island Flag.png


Baltusrol Flag.png


1896 Flag.png


American Flag.png

Custom Sewn

Kinsale Flag.png

West Chester


Flag Poles


Flag Poles Ends


Laser Receiver

About From Tee to Green

From Tee to Green is managed by passionate golfers, so you can rest assured you’re getting top-notch products you can take pride in. We are committed to providing the finest golf supplies and accessories to golf courses throughout the nation and worldwide. We offer custom products, fast and friendly service, and reasonable prices.


Our inventory includes beautiful and functional cast bronze course markings, sprinkler tags, wood Championship and Hole-in-One boards, Range and 1st Tee signs, laser cut tee markers, and personalized flags and flag accessories. We have the products to make your course look great.


What size is a putting green flag?

The standard size of a putting green flag is 6” x 8”, although this can vary.

Can you leave the flag in when you putt?

You can leave the flag in when you putt, but it won’t be to your benefit in most cases. Research shows that it is better to pull the flag for 99.9% of putts. Leaving the flag in only seems to benefit players when putts hit the flagstick dead center at a speed that would take the ball 10 or more feet past the hole. This only happens 0.01% of the time.

What do golf green flag colors mean?

There are four flag colors used on a golf course: red, blue, white, and yellow. In general, the flag conveys the position of the hole on the putting green.


  • Red: This flag indicates the hole is located towards the front of the green.

  • Blue: A blue flag may signal that the pin is positioned towards the back of the green.

  • White: A white flag shows that the hole is located at the center of the green.

  • Yellow: If the flag is yellow, it may mean the pin is positioned at the back of the green.

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