Intuitive Counseling
& Energetic Healing

 For A Better You

Mind, Body & Spirit Healing, Inc provides intuitive/wellness counseling and both touch and energy healing. Services are provided by a certified intuitive counselor/certified energy healer. Individuals are assisted in creating a better life for themselves through the removal of psychological, emotional, and physical blockages which have hindered them from living a true and authentic life. 

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Our Purpose

The purpose of Mind, Body & Spirit Healing, Inc., (“MBSHINC”) through Love & Light, is to provide a vehicle through which one can begin a journey of self-enlightenment and healing.  We all want a better life and Mind, Body & Spirit Healing, Inc. can help you obtain it through the intuitive counseling and energy healing services which are provided. The types of energy healing services which are provided are chakra clearings, timeline healings, rainbow energy healing, total forgiveness healing, and DNA activation.

What is intuitive counseling?

Intuitive counseling aids an individual in determining the root causes of physical, psychological and emotional traumas which have prevented them from creating a life full of happiness and joy. Through open, honest and loving conversations with a counselor, one can take a look at hurts and pains which have been buried subconsciously for the purpose of healing and or removing them so that one can see their lives from a newer and happier perspective.

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What is energy healing?

Energy healing is the use of energy sourced from the Universe, God, or whatever spiritual source you are familiar with to cleanse the body of negative energy and blocks which have been created as a result of your life experiences and beliefs. These experiences and beliefs are what contributes to your current life state.


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