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Golf Flags, Flagsticks, Cups & Specialty Flags

Brighten up your Green with our High Quality Flags!

For years From Tee to Green has offered excellent course markers from the tee box to the green but never markings for the green itself. Now we are happy to announce our line of high quality flags, flagsticks, and cups at exceptional prices.

This Line Features the Following:

  • Dupont SolarMax material which is known for its UV Fabric protection.
  • Available in 200 denier (for lighter wind conditions) and 400 denier (for heavy duty, windier conditions).
  • Tube and grommet mounting systems.
  • One of the Golf Industries largest flag and flagstick selections.
  • Customized... if you don�t see it, just tell us what you want and we will build it for you.
  • Plain, numbered, checkered, range, silk screen or embroidered flags.
  • USA Made with U.S. materials.
  • Size 13.5� x 20�.
  • All edges are double-needle, lock-stitched with outdoor thread to minimize �puckering� often found on zigzag stitched flags.
  • Corners are over sewn five times to prevent fraying.
  • Our embroidered flags utilize �reverse bobbin� stitching, so the logo on the back of the flag looks similar to the front only in reverse image. Plus no hanging threads.
  • The flag is sewn directly onto the flange of molded plastic tube. No gluing.
  • Various special occasion and tournament flags can be designed and built for you.
  • Four types of flagsticks.
  • Plastic or aluminum cups.

Plain Golf Flags


Full Border Golf Flags

Full Border

Numbered Golf Flags


Screen Print Golf Flags

Screen Print

Checkered Golf Flags

Sewn Checkered

Embroidered Golf Flags


Two-Tone Golf Flags


Semaphore Golf Flags


Putting Golf Flags


Custom Golf Flags

Special Order

Practice Range Golf Flags


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Fatstik Golf Flagsticks for Sale


Tournament Golf Flagsticks for Sale


Flex-King Golf Flagsticks for Sale


Royaline Golf Flagsticks for Sale


Practice Green Golf Flagsticks for Sale

Practice Green

Laser Link Smartsticks Golf Flagsticks for Sale

Laser Link Smart Sticks

Replacememt Ferrules for Golf Flagsticks

Replacement Ferrules

Smarty Reflector from Laser Link Golf for Sale

Smarty Reflector

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st2000 Golf Flagstick Cups for Sale


Practice Green Golf Flagstick Cups for Sale

Practice Green Cup

Riji Golf Flagsticks for Sale

Riji Cup

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Specialty Flags
USA Golf Flags for Sale

US Flags

State Golf Flags for Sale

State Flags

Club Logo Golf Flags for Sale

Special or Club Logos

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