From Tee to Green Scare Geese With the AwayWithGeese Pond Float
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Scare Geese With the AwayWithGeese Pond Float

Keeps Geese Away!Working on the principle that Canada Geese are generally lazy and like to sleep undisturbed at night, AwayWithGeese is a simple, compact, and maintenance-free geese deterrent for lakes and ponds, effectively eliminating problems of droppings, aggressive behavior, and damage brought on by nesting geese.

The Device
The patented device is a flashing light, charged by photocells and automatically activated with a light sensor for night time use. This LED light is mounted to a fully enclosed weatherproof float that is positioned in the center of the afflicted pond or lake. The light flashes once per second at night to discourage the geese from foraging and nesting, causing them to leave and move on to another pond or lake.

The compact device is not only harmless to the environment and ecosystem of the pond, it also is visually innocuous, measuring a mere 15 inches wide and 12 inches above the water line. Plus it's maintenance free--set it and forget it.

A land based unit is also available.

Area of Coverage
The area of coverge is generally a 150 yard radius or about 4 acres, depending on the shape of the pond. It works on the "line of sight" principle. Therefore if the pond has a bay or inlet, special care should be taken in anchoring the light, or two lights may be needed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Use the product as directed for 90 days. If it does not solve your goose problems, simply return it for a full refund within 180 days of purchase.

Customer Testimonial
Hal Parr, CGCS, Traditions Golf Course, Burlington, KY
"Year after year our lakes are a haven for geese. Since we installed our first AwayWithGeese unit on one of our lakes, the geese have left that lake area. As a result, we have ordered more units to place on our other lakes. We continue to be amazed and pleased with the result."

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